Saturday, September 16, 2017

How Bad Online Habits can make you a Victim of Online Attack?

Besides your Antivirus protection and other online security measures, there is an often neglected fact of users bad online habits leave you bare in open. Most of us simply ignore fine security details concerning the safe web-browsing, basic security guidelines of social media, and uses of unprotected networks and systems.
Indeed, Wi-Fi technique made our lives very fast, interesting, and quite easy. But our addiction of constant connectivity mediums is only multiplying the associated security risks. Wi-Fi networks of your home or an outside public network at airports, libraries, public transport stations, coffee shops are easy targets of online attacks. Most of these common Wi-Fi networks are not adequately protected or unprotected, increasing the security risk of users. According to 2016 Norton Cyber Security Insights Report 35% of People globally use at least one unprotected device that reason many online malicious virus, phishing attacks our devices and theft our data. For Norton antivirus click

Following some simple steps protect your data and device,

1-      No need to share our personal data or important accounts like user id & passwords details in social media platforms.
2-      Don’t access Bank accounts and sensitive data at unsecured wi-fi networks like Public cafĂ©, metro stations and railway stations.
3-      Don’t click suspicious links, attachments, Pdf files shared by unknown people.
4-      Use certified security software for protecting your device against online & offline Threats. To Download Norton Internet Security visit

Internet users need to evaluate their online security environment and digital device safety, it is necessary to prepare a full-proof security plan. Use of capable antivirus security products make you and your device secure and safeguard your valuable information. Norton Antivirus systems have a proven track record in fields of online device safety and system protection worldwide. To get your Norton security systems simply visit and know about Norton setup procedure and other details.

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